Summury :

Attractions :Yazd always remembers us deserts, windbreaks and mud alleys. Taking steps in this historical and ancient city and visiting unique architectural masterpieces such as Jame Mosque of this city with its eye-catching and beautiful tile-works and minars and Amir Ghakhmagh square with all its beauties make the hotness of this city desirable. The unique monuments of Yazd beside other tourism attractions existing therein have made this city as one of the best choices of tourists and one day of touring in this city with its hospitable and kind people will be surely joyful. 

Services: Tour vehicle, payment of entrance fees, snack, insurance, professional tour leader

Description :


Yazd tour : (1 day)


* The itinerary has the possibility to change depending on date & time of arrival & departure



Trip plan:

o    Towers of silence(Dakhmeh)

o    Fire Temple

o    Jam’i Mosque

o    Old City( Fahadan)

o    Alexander Prison

o    12 Imam mausoleum

o    Water Supply

o    Amir Chaqmaq square





 Class A: Mid-day Refreshment +(Lunch or Dinner)

 Class B: Mid-day Refreshment