Summury :

Attractions :The third widest city of Iran is a place whereas elected as the world’s capital of culture in 2006, for its enormous monuments. Esfahan is globally known for its beautiful Islamic architecture, many unique boulevards, roofed bridges, palaces, mosques and its very unique minarets. Naghsh-e-Jahan square, one of the biggest squares all over the world, is located in this very attractive city. Chel Sotoon with an area about 67000 square meters has embedded a very beautiful building. Siosepol, as the mostly known monument of Esfahan, has been constructed on Zayandehroud (a river running through Esfahan) with 33 Orifices and this was a place for Abpashan Ceremonies. Also, Khajou Bridge which was one of best and most beautiful bridges in Safavit’s era completes the visit of this city for any tourist.

Services: Tour vehicle, payment of entrance fees, snack, insurance, professional tour leader

Description :


Esfahan tour : (1 day)


* The itinerary has the possibility to change depending on date & time of arrival & departure


Trip plan:

o    Abbasi (Imam) Mosque

o    Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque

o    Ali Qapu Palace

o    Chehel Sutun Palace

o    Jami‘Mosque

o    Armenian quarter and Vank Cathedral

o    Sio se pol

o    Khaju Bridge


 Class A: Mid-day Refreshment +(Lunch or Dinner)

 Class B: Mid-day Refreshment