Nationals of all countries of the world are required to have visa for entering Iran except the following countries: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Singapore, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Apart from Israeli nationals, nationals of all countries can get an Iranian visa.

Apart from US nationals, nationals of all countries can independently visit Iran, with no need to a guide.

Based on the purpose of travel, Iran issues different visas for different groups. Three types of these visas are presented below:



Tourist Visa:


This type of visa is issued for the people who want to have a leisure travel to Iran. Validity period of this visa is one month, and if it is requested by the traveler and approved, it can be extended for up to three months. 



Airport Visa:

The people who are going to have a leisure travel to Iran can also get their visas at the airport. However, validity period of this type of visa is only two weeks, and if it is requested by the traveler and approved by, it can be extended for up to one month. You can obtain your visa from the airports of Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, and Imam Khomeini. The airport visa cannot be given to the nationals of United States of America,England, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, and Nigeria. Note that we do not recommend you to attempt for getting airport visa, because it is possible that you may not be able to get your visa for different reasons.This type of visa is only issued for tourists and does not include journalists (during their missions), those whose entry visas have already been denied, and the Iranians who have Iran passport besides the passports of other countries.


Pilgrimage Visa:

The Muslims who are going to visit the holy shrines and pilgrimage sites of Iran can get the pilgrimage visa.



The tourists and the pilgrims who are going to enter and visit Iran can apply for Iranian visa in two ways: In first way, you will apply for the visa by yourself, and in second way, you will let a travel agent in Iran get your visa for you. We recommend you to choose the second way, because in this way, not only you can shorten the time of visa application but also you will not be suffered by troubles and problems caused by too much paperwork. If you attempt to get Iranian visa by yourself, you may have to wait 8 weeks, but if you let an Iranian agent do this for you, this time can be decreased up to 2 weeks. If you want to apply for a visa through us, you should follow these steps:

1.You should get the initial visa application form (you can download the form here), and once you have completed the form, send it to us along with a high quality scanned image of your passport. For visa application, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

2.After checking the application form and passport image and their being approved by the visa department, we will send your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the host. 3- Usually after12 to15 working days (if the visa application is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) your visa confirmation number will be sent to us. 4- Then we will send the number to you via email. 5- Three days after the issuance of the confirmation number,you can go to the Embassy or Consulate of Iran which you have mentioned it in the visa application form as the place you want to collect your visa from 6- Having your passport (must be valid for at least 6 months), two passport photographs and visa application fee, you can get your visa. Note that you should complete a second form when you go to the Embassy or Consulate for visa application. You can get this form by going to the Embassy or Consulate or by downloading it from their websites. You should write your visa confirmation number on this form in the correct place.

- Your visa is valid for up to three months after the issuance date.

- Take note that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not allow the Israel nationals or those who have Israel visa stamp on their visas to enter Iran.

- In addition to paying 60 to70 dollars(depending on nationality) to the Iranian Embassy or Consulate for obtaining the visa,you should pay 30 dollars to us for obtaining the visa confirmation number.

- All of the above rules may have changed without warning or notice.

- If you have not bought your vacation package from us, for visa issuance, you will need one person from Iran as the host.

- Our company does not apply for visa for the people who do not have a host in Iran.

- If you have bought the tour from us, we will not take the fee of obtaining the visa confirmation number.